If your business needs a telecommunications services company to install telephones, or complete your telephone systems setup, look no further. Allied Telephone and Data specializes in telephone systems estimation, wiring design, installation, and phone systems maintenance. You can rely on Allied to be your communication system experts. We serve the Baltimore, MD and the Mid-Atlantic region, but are willing to serve clients across the nation.

Allied Telephone and Data is a certified installer for ESI (Estech Systems, Inc.). ESI designs and manufactures innovative business telephone systems for workplaces like yours. These exceptional telecommunication phone systems — providing digital and IP communications — are easy to use, yet packed with advanced capabilities to enhance your competitive edge, and come in a wide range to fit any budget.

ESI supplies a superior line of business phone system products. Their success comes not just from using advanced telecommunications business technology, but from minimizing technology overhead, and for being clever with conventional business technology as well. All of these are crucial in creating the quality data systems from which the ESI product line originates.

Allied and ESI have the same common goal: they both are determined that every business product and/or relationship they create will be unique, of high quality, the best in its class and yet also reasonably priced. It’s easy to make something that fits one or two of those descriptions; it’s very difficult to make something that fits them all. But working toward that goal together is what drives ESI and the Allied Telephone and Data Corporation.

We highly recommend the ESI line of phone installation systems, but our certified data system technicians can install or repair any telecommunications equipment your business needs.