This unique program of building commissioning allows Allied Telephone and Data to handle the headaches of code compliance, project construction, business project management, contract and submitter reviews and working with telecommunications services contractors so you can still run your business during the new construction or renovation of your low voltage projects. We will serve as the Owner Representative from the design phase to the turnover of the facility. We will assist with third party design for all your low voltage needs.

Our certified project manager and certified design engineer can assist with:

  • Budgets and Business Project Management Costs
  • Tracking and Monitoring Costs
  • Design of the Project
  • Product Specifications and Systems Project Management
  • Compose your Request for Proposal (RFP)
  • Review Responses from Project Management Contractors

Our years of expertise in the industry will allow us to make recommendations that best fit your unique needs. We will track the job as it is installed to ensure code compliance and adherence to industry standards. We also will catalog pictures of your facility as it is being built. Our level of involvement is up to you. Our expertise is our commitment to you.

Low Voltage infrastructure includes the necessary physical layers to operate a network as efficiently as possible. As fiscal restraints occur, let us value engineer your project without sacrificing quality.

  • Environmentally Friendly Design
  • Remote Power Monitoring
  • Service Provider Coordination
  • Telecommunication Room Design
  • Equipment Room Configuration

These items are critical to an efficient build out. Allow us to improve your structured cabling system so that it will last for years and years to come. This is only a sampling of how our services can work for you. We will tailor a program that best fits your enterprise needs.


  • PROGRAM PHASE: Review and establish needs. Formulate a scope of work, establish timeframes, and assign tasks.
  • DESIGN PHASE: Develop a cabling scheme and layout regarding all aspects of what a Structured Cabling System can do.
  • SPECIFICATION: Review product lines to best meet the unique needs of your facility. In this role, we are truly vendor-independent and can provide you the best third-party design for the needs of your organization. We will select a product line, a product line supplier, and a cabling contractor that best “fits” your project.
  • CONSTRUCTION PHASE: We act as your Owner Representative: track costs, follow the scope of work, provide on-site inspections of installation practices, catalog job, etc.
  • ACCEPTANCE PHASE: Verify that the structured cabling system performance needs to meet the design intent. Review contractor test documentation; provide independent third-party verification of the test documents.
  • POST ACCEPTANCE PHASE: Review “as-built” documents and warranties. Outline all aspects of the job with the Final Report presented to the customer.